If you are here, you may have some questions about your child and their development. I am here to help.

Raising children opens up our worlds in incredible ways, and also can create many new worries. As a mother myself, I understand this.

To ensure the health of our children, we need to understand how they are developing and when there are bumps along the road, to support them. Children develop at different rates and gain some skills earlier than others. All of this is normal. However, when you arrive at a bump in the road, the best next step is to get your questions answered and provide your child with what they need to be successful.

Do you want to find out more about how your child learns?

Is your child bright, but needs some academic support?

Are you concerned about his or her attention or behavior in the classroom or at home?

Does he or she have a hard time making friends or managing anxiety?

Do you have questions about the IEP process at school?

You are not alone.  If you would like to explore your child’s strengths and growth areas, I would be very happy to help your family.

I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist based in Los Angeles and I provide a range of services to support student learning and emotional health, while nurturing a child's strengths. I help families bolster their child’s confidence, grow relationships, overcome challenges, and improve educational performance.  Together, we can create a plan to empower your child and move forward. Please contact me to schedule a consultation.