What is the experience like?

We started seeing Tara for our son’s elevator phobia and help with general anxiety. We consider Tara a trusted member of our extended family. She is helping to give our son his confidence back. He went from not riding elevators to riding to the top of the SkyTree in Japan, the second tallest building in the world! Every hurdle he conquers, he insists on sending photos and updates to Tara, which speaks volumes to how much he looks up to her and is learning from her.
— Parents of a 9 year old, Santa Monica
Tara is passionate about working with families and their children to navigate emotional challenges. Her ability to assess a child’s needs and provide direct access to solutions is exceptional. I have experienced the warmth and connection she makes with every individual child she meets. Children are instantly comforted by her and feel safe to express themselves. Tara fosters a life-long commitment toward balanced emotional health. Families work together with Tara to build emotionally sensitive solutions that seek to nurture, empower and honor the whole child. Her previous experience serving hundreds of children in the public school system provides her with an expansive knowledge to support any child.
— Special Education Teacher and Student Advocate for 20 years
We are so pleased to have Tara on our daughter’s side. We’re inestimably grateful for her help in keeping our girl pointed in the right direction.
— Parents of a 6 year old, North Hollywood